got back from a fantastic vacation yesterday. sick as hell today. slept half-naked on top of the covers with the fan on last night because it was hot. over 70° in here now, and i’m laying under multiple blankets and a comforter in my sweatshirt and leggings tonight because i’m cold.

not about this life friends


God said Adam and Eve not drown Booker and leave

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oh okay

the destiny cc isnt as elaborate as i was hoping it would be but it’s still fucking gorgeous so i’m okay with it 



u know what I call boys 5’11 and under?



The one time I go outside, I find this.

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can someone please link me that post of the two macaws busting through the bottom of the wall please i need it in my life


We’re not so different you and I

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Greetings, I am borb.

Ready a help out a projec can chew upon papers yell at a Human Ear all the help

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Guest Tuesday: JUDECCA



Hello there! It appears that you have left the mortal plane, and have been added to the queue for the afterlife. First, we will check your compatibility with the available destinations, and then you will be on your way.


Looks like you’re in luck!  Judecca has room for creatures just like yourself. You will be arriving on the island shortly, please wait upon arrival to be forwarded to your district by the Gatekeeper.

Please remain composed and follow the instructions given by the Eternal Ones during your arrival so that the allocation process can be completed successfully.

We ask that you stay vigilant of the dangers in dealing with other mortals during your stay, as their shadows grow longer and their eyes darker during their time on the island.

Remember that due to the cruel and forgetful nature inherent in yourself and others, you’re asked to refer to the Eternal Ones for guidance and information only.

To ensure a safe and orderly existence, please refrain from any interactions with other residents.

Any misconduct by mortals is prohibited. Remember that the island knows what you have done.

We hope that you find yourself at home during your stay in Judecca.

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Judecca (http://judecca.co.uk) is a weekly updating comic by Noora Heikkilä/claystorks and Jonathan Meecham, and we’d love it if you’d give our comic a read! We’re nearing the end of our 3rd chapter, and the story is about to get to the good bits, so now’s a good time to jump in! It has some adult and NSFW themes so viewer discretion is advised. :)  You can also find us at:

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The ladies at Countershot Press asked for a Judecca feature for this week’s guest spot! YAY! Unfortunately I am a pancake and made the images load as grey thumbnails. :D sorry…!